Nothing about racism,we come to the Turf to watch Our team play football.Not pandering and virtue signalling to a corrupt organisation.

I dare you to print this you dick.

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I thought the first episode of mission to Burnley was very good and interesting in how the club is run, and some of the ups and downs of being a chairman and the abuse you get from certain fans. The Dyche sacking stunned everyone and I also thought they should have waited to the end of the season. But it was the right decision, in the long run.

I've only watched the first episode as don't have sky am on another provider but do get sky documentaries and sport so will have to wait to Thursday to see episode 2. Am looking forward to it were Akan Pace and other board members are watching the Huddersfield game on their mobiles at a wedding. That clip reminded me of my wedding reception in February checking the Burnley scores on my phone. I

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